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For over a decade, I have maintained a voice studio here in New York City.  I teach from a position of my years of training at some of the worlds best facilities and from my experience performing in many different styles all over the US and Europe.  Teaching has also brought me to American universities, colleges and programs, where I have given masterclasses, lectures on entrepreneurship in the arts, and private instruction to many gifted students. 

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Vocal Instruction

I teach a body positive technique that focuses on breath and the use of airflow.  I believe that a good inhale leads to a great exhale, and eradicates many of the pitfalls we all struggle with as singing artists.  Freedom from tension results in a beautiful and natural vocal production. 

Vocal Coaching

I provide my services as an interpretation and diction coach, as well.  Drawing from my experience performing classical, musical theater and jazz repertoire in a wide variety of languages and styles, I help you to reach your goals to find nuance and dramatic direction in your singing.
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Business Coaching

As artistic director of SongFusion, a not-for-profit performance group, I have gained valuable experience with producing, programming, marketing, grant writing, networking, fundraising, development, and event planning.  I offer sessions to help hone your vision for your own creative endeavors and arts business ideas.  I also offer help in developing your brand as a performer to build presence and marketability for further success.  

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